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Logic Check: Defective new (reman) Caliper?

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    Bryan Hall

    Good afternoon, all!

    The car in question is a 2007 Toyota Corolla LE, with 103,500 on the odo.

    Since the rubber seals were old and ratty on both the rear wheel cylinders and the front calipers, I decided to replace the whole shebang.

    I have replaced the all components of the braking system, except for the hard lines..including a new master cylinder.

    Bled all wheel cylinders in proper sequence, and the only failure was the driver’s side. I can (and did) remove the bleed screw entirely, and nothing came out. An Ares power bleeder pressurized to 12psi with new DOT-4 fluid was providing pressure. I disconnected the hard line from the top of the new rubber line and was promptly reminded of the 12psi of pressure; fluid went everywhere. I then cracked open the banjo bolt, and again, fluid spurted right on out.

    Now, to me.. logically, it has to be a defective caliper.. some kind of internal blockage. With the bleed screw completely removed with nothing coming out.. and with fluid flow verified from the master cylinder to the banjo bolt into the front left caliper…

    COULD it be anything other than an internal fault of the caliper itself?

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    Nightflyr *
    Richard Kirshy

    Sounds like you’ve pretty much isolated the issue to the caliper itself.
    Just because the part is “new” doesn’t mean it’s good.

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