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    John mcadam
    John mcadam

    Well, guys, sadly I’m stumped on this one. I bought a 2007 3L V6 Ford Escape 4wd that wouldn’t turn on for $800. I have it running now, fixed a good few things on it. The previous owners warned the tranny was possibly slipping hence why they parked it for 2 years before I bought it.

    Now that the engine is running well, I can only drive it cold for about 0.2 miles before the wheels lock and wont even rotate when the wheel is taken off to just the rotor or if it is jacked and would normally spin.

    Here are the codes I am getting. All fuses and relays have been checked and double checked.

    P1000-F CM: On-board diagnostics systems readiness test not complete

    B2900-20 CM|Not curent: ABS Vin mismatch

    U1900-20 CM|not current: CAN communication bus fault – receive error

    C1805-20 CM|Not current: Mismatched PCM and/or(ABS\TCS) Module

    B1318 CM: Battery voltage low (I just installed a new battery)

    B1892 CM: Air bag tone warning indicator circuit failure

    U0100-20 CM|Not Current: Lost communication with PCM (this is for 4×4 control module

    B1318-20 CM|Not Current: Battery Voltage Low (for instrument cluster, remember I just replaced battery)

    U1900-20 CM|Not Current: CAN communication Bus Fault – receive error (instrument cluster again)

    Please let me know what you guys think. Blown computer? ABS locking up the system? I took out the ABS fuses to run the car and a whole host of other problems arose. I have reset all these codes and run a scan for DTCs with the new codes and get these again. Sometimes I get other weird codes that come and go.

    Any help would be appreciated!

    (I originally got a check engine and a code to change the output speed sensor which I’m doing Thursday when it comes)

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    Billy Andrews

    The inability to turn the wheels suggests that the transmission may be bad as the seller warned you. Re the low voltage code, check the battery connections and grounds. What is the voltage across the battery terminals?

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