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    I recently had problems starting the van. It is a 2012 town and country with 196,000km on it. I thought it was the battery but when I tested it with my ohm meter it was 12.4volts. I had someone turn the key and no power was pulling from the battery. Then the van lost all power and key fob would not come out of ignition. I hooked up a battery charger to it and all the lights and dash came back on and the key came out. I let it trickle charge for 2 hours and tried to start with battery charger connected and nothing.

    I took the terminals off the battery and cleaned both the positive and negative post and connectors with baking soda and water, then lightly sanded both posts and connectors. Tried to fire it up again and it worked.

    I ran my bluedriver to pull all the codes and then reset them all. After I reset I ran blue driver again after turning off van and starting again and most of the electrical low voltage codes returned.

    I am aware of the evap system leak and the heated seat being above threshhold and know what I have to do to deal with those. It is all the other low voltage readings that come up leaving me puzzled.

    I have posted below my scan report if anyone has any ideas. Could it be bad battery (original since 2012), alternator, wiring?

    1 Permanent Trouble Codes:

    • P0456: EVAP System Leak Detected (very small leak)

    1 Steering Column Module Trouble Codes:

    • C2102: STORED – System Voltage Low

    6 Sunroof Module Trouble Codes:

    • B210E: STORED – Battery Voltage High
    • B210A: STORED – System Voltage Low
    • U0010: STORED – CAN Interior Bus
    • U0141: STORED – Lost Communication With IPM (FCM/TIPM)
    • U0155: STORED – Lost Communication With Cluster/CCN
    • P05A1: Active Grille Air Shutter “A” Position Sensor Minimum/Maximum Stop Performance

    3 Heated Seat Module Trouble Codes:

    • B1EB1-1B: Front Left Seat Heater Sensor 1 : Circuit Resistance Above Threshold
    • B21DD-84: System Voltage : Signal Below Allowable Range
    • B210C-18: Battery Voltage Input Circuit/Performance : Circuit Current Below Threshold

    3 Anti Lock Brakes Trouble Codes:

    • C212A-16: System Voltage : Circuit Voltage Below Threshold.

    Lastly, I noticed the last few weeks the AC wasnt cooling as much as it should, now since the issue with the van not starting and cleaning battery, the ac does not work at all.

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