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    Jeff Valero
    Jeff Valero

    Hello Y’all
    I have a 2000 Ranger 2wd 3.0L

    Just changed all of the Left side (Driver’s side) suspension parts with no problems(Upper, lower Control arms, inner outer tie rods, coils, sway bar end links and shocks)

    On the Right Side I have a problem with the Lower Control Arm Bolts and Nuts. I cannot get them off. I tried PB blaster/ CRC Freeze Off (almost a can of each) Heated them with torch. NOTHING!!!! they will not budge!
    One of the nuts is a lock nut (Regular bolt) and the other nut has a plate and nut with funky bolt (Is a special kind of bolt where the opposite end to the head has a a star like patter Like a reverse Torq point or like a Torq scredriver point)

    My two local Ford dealership stated that the bolts and nut are discontinued item on their parts catalog

    My only solution I think is to cut them out and replace them. . What kind of bolts and nuts should I get (Grade or what not?) and from where should I get them if I plan to cut the existing ones.

    Hopefully someone can chime in.



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    I recently ordered cam bolts made by MOOG for my Land Cruiser over at Amazon. (Unfortunately, on Eric’s last video he explicitly said that MOOG sucks. LOL!)

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