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    Steve McCroskey

    Hey Gang,

    1997 Subaru EJ25D Outback. Motor blew. Rebuilt the motor, taking two years+. Now it’s in the car and running rough. Symptoms point to the MAF.

    Cleaned the MAF, let dry, then hooked up my PC based OBDII tool. The MAF was registering .75g/s with the ENGINE OFF. Key on, engine off.


    I don’t have a scan tool, but I’m inclined to believe this MAF (which could be original to the car) might be FUBAR.

    I’ve ordered another MAF (Not Cheap), and don’t plan to open the package unless I can confirm the original MAF is bad.

    Any thoughts?


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    Dave Tidman
    Dave Tidman

    Did you get any codes? I would think with a bad MAF you would either get a rich or lean code.

    Have you tried unplugging the MAF to see if that smootheds it out? Not sure about subarus, but a lot of ECMs will put in a substituted value if the MAF is unplugged.

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