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Manual 95 Honda Accord 2.2 Starts but dies after 2-5secs

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    Nikki Nice
    Nikki Nice

    Hello Eric, I am a new member and have watched your videos on how to diagnose/fix my current car issue(s). I have a manual 95 Honda Accord that drives like it has bad gas and can hear it struggle for gas,(atleast 2weeks now), but don’t think bad gas is the cause, but is getting worse. It also sometimes doesn’t want to start. I’ll go to start it and the check engine light will come on. I’ll wait with the key still in the On position and I’ll hear my fuel pump and the check engine light will go off and then I can start the car.(Note: I also have a 95 Honda Accord Automatic Vtec that mimics no start/check engine light problem that starts after key stays in On position).I did the cheapest/simplest repairs of changing fuel filter and unclogging fuel ports as videos suggested. Also recently had a general tune up of wires, plugs, rotor and cap. All repairs were needed, but didn’t fix the problem. I pulled codes by jumping a wire in small blue port and had code 11 ECU. Replaced my ecu with new plug and play, but car starts and die immediately. Checked for any codes and now it gives me code 15 Ignition output signal(IOS). I put my old ECU back in and it starts and stays running but with previous ECU code 11.
    Someone said that ignition coil/ignitor might be to weak for new ECU to recognize. Could this be the case? Is there something else I could/should check? Watched your video on Main relay too. Can this cause issues. Thanks your feedback is appreciated.

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