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Manual transmission failing to release?

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    Jure Šeremet
    Jure Šeremet


    I have problems with my e46 2001, 1.9 petrol engined BMW. It has manual 5-speed transmisson and everytime I enter the opposing gears (1st – reverse) I hear a *thump* at the back of the car. The steps I take to produce is *Press clutch – start to enter 1st – *thump* – enter the 1st – neutral – release clutch – press clutch – start entering reverse – *thump* – reverse – release clutch* and so on..

    Also the sound is fairly loud and is also present when shifting from 1st to 2nd to 3rd and then it dissapears pretty much.
    I’ve took a video of the differential and we can see that when I try to enter, and enter a gear the axle moves without me releasing the clutch, as if the clutch is sorta “sticking”, not releasing completely..Is there any other possible causes of the sound?

    ***My left axle needs replacement so it shows the movement better!
    Video in the link!

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