Mazda3 BIG SMOKE but how?

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    Jared Frost
    Jared Frost

    My Dad already got a new motor for his Mazda3 and we’re ready to put it in, but… I just need a definitive answer on what’s actually wrong. It smokes like crazy. Cold or hot, giant clouds of white smoke. The smell is weird, not like coolant or oil. The coolant stays clean and smelling like coolant no matter how long we run it and we don’t lose any. The car drives way too well still for this much smoke, it should barely run with these clouds.
    Here’s everything I’ve tried if I can remember it all.

    -Disconnected brake booster hose to ensure it’s not brake fluid
    -Disconnected PCV hose to ensure it’s not blow-by
    -Gutted the cat (temporary) because it broke and there was chunks rattling
    -Disconnected individual coil plugs to see if smoke changed, nothing.
    -Same as above but injectors
    -tried different set of injectors/plugs/coils
    -ran car with external fuel pump and jar of gas, so it’s not water in the tank
    -leakdown test, passed with flying colors
    -thought it was headgasket/valve seals so had the head machined and tested
    -ran car with no coolant (only for a bit)
    -compression test is 135psi across the board, all hold strong except cylinder 3 which drops slowly
    -cylinder 3 hold seafoam forever, it won’t leak past rings (yeah we were that desperate)
    -tried thicker oil, no change

    Guys… it is SO much smoke it looks like a concert fog machine yet idles smooth. We have mazda edit so we can log anything for you. I just need to know what this smoke is!

    05 Mazda3 SP edition 2.3l 160k miles USDM

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