Monroe Struts?

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    Chase Burnham
    Chase Burnham

    It’s time to replace front struts in my ’97 Voyager. I have around 20,000 mile Economatic’s in there now, and they’re getting quite noisy. I’m probably going with another set of Monroe’s, but I’m wondering which ones to get. I’m seeing the $80 and $100 ones on rockauto. I’ve read that the $100 ones are supposed to be a little better than the $80 (Roadmatic/Economatic), but also read that the $100 variants are pretty much the same junk. I know that KYB’s are higher quality, but I prefer a plusher ride. Just want to get some opinions, if I should just get another set of the $80 Monroe’s, if the $100 ones aren’t even that much better..


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    Nightflyr *
    Richard Kirshy

    JMHO …
    In many cases you’ll get what you pay for.
    That being said, another factor should be the overall condition of the vehicle and does it warrant the projected cost.
    Just saying if the vehicle only has another year or two of life left does it warrant high $$$ replacement parts.

    Chase Burnham
    Chase Burnham

    Oh my van is clean man. She’s probably got another 10 years in her. 120k, fresh trans fluid, oil changed every 3000, I baby her. I’m kind of a Chrysler minivan nut lol. She’s one of a kind. Surfed it out, custom wheels, exhaust, audio system, interior, all polished and coated, (I an auto detailer btw). To be honest I don’t even drive it that much, really just around the block, and to shows and such. I know Monroe and honestly most quick strut assemblies are kind of crap, so I was just thinking are the $100 ones really all that better. That’s all. The cheaper ones will probably do just fine, considering I only put about 1000 miles on it this year.

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