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Motor mounts replace all when one bad?

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    My 2002 kia optima has a bad motor mount in the passenger side top (front right). I know this because of noise coming out of the mount when the engine is rocked. And a vibration that appears to be focused in that area when running.

    The question is, do i replace just that one mount, or all the mounts? The reason to replace them would be hidden damage. The reason not to is to not fix whats not broken. I have seen both opinions online. Which is correct? 250k kms on the car.

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    Nightflyr *
    Richard Kirshy

    Considering the age of the vehicle, how it has been driven and cared for and how long you plan on driving it.
    If one mount failed, how long before the others will.
    Same to same, if one ball joint fails, it is common practice to replace them in sets

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