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My boots are oily- I mean REALLY oily!!

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    Amber CaryAmber Cary

      Eriiic! Help me! I am a fellow ’93 Vig owner(manual, wht on blk).. Just bought it from orig owner in May- it was love @ 1st sight/drive! :woohoo: But, last month I noticed oil on plug boots- 1/3 of the way up, all 5 boots!

      After watching your corresponding video at least 50 times, I bought a gasket set, along with everything else for a complete wine n dine tune-up, e.g., plugs, wires, filters, cp/rtr, etc..

      The valve cover came off easily- the top gaskets are stretchy, & look brand new. I thought I had (carefully) sopped all the oil up around plugs until I went to pull #1. The oil actually splashed up into my face! There are huge puddles under the rocker arms, all the way down the case..

      Could there really be this much puddled oil just from leaky tube seals- or could it be something else? Oh yeah, the oil also has a red tint, & smells like straight up gasoline.. Any insight from Eric The Great One would be divine right about now!;) TYVM, Amber

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