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    Rob megeeRob megee

      My first car was a Sunbeam Alpine. It had no: paint, exhaust, brakes, clutch cylinder or rag top. i am still looking for one to restore. It was a lot of fun.

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      Ian WilliamsIan Williams

        Mine was a Nissan 120y 2door , really reliable , used to cruise down town Cape Town , The Clash or the Cure blasting from the tape deck , ah the Eighties
        as a teenager .

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          The “LP” must have been a very localized regional thing, or maybe even an option package from a specific dealer. Google doesn’t know what a Challenger LP is.

          Also, I have no idea about the 360 emblems. The base V8 was the 318, with the small block 340 being an option. Above that, the optional engines were all big block B and RB models. The small block 360 was available, but only in 1974.

          No idea about the rear scoops either. Perhaps an aftermarket addition.


            [quote=”vtaylor67″ post=171519]the “LP” as far as I know stands for Limited Production. the Car originally had a 318 C.I.D but the emblems on the rear quarter panels said “360”. she also had rear scoops that were non functional.[/quote]

            Very strange. The Challenger “Rallye” replaced the R/T package in ’72, and it had fake brake-cooling vents, but they were on the front fenders. Sounds to me like a previous owner cobbled some stuff together.

            Jake FJake F

              1986 Cadillac Deville. That beauty took me and my friends off-roading to our backwoods hangout so many times. The exhaust pipes and cat were troopers, most of the time 😆


                I wish I still had this one….a ’68 Mercury Montclair


                  [quote=”DuaneHoyt” post=182518]I wish I still had this one….a ’68 Mercury Montclair

                  Interesting. I didn’t know that Mercury still used the breezeway rear window in ’68. I thought that peculiar feature ended around ’66 or so. Nice car.

                  Nicholas MitteerNicholas Mitteer

                    Mine was a 94 Ford Crown Victoria LX that I bought from my aunt for 300 bucks. She couldn’t get it started so she sold it to me after it sat for like six months. 30 mins and a quick battery charge later she fired right up and I drove it home. Needless to say she was a little mad. Still have that car and its in the final stages of a complete Drivetrain rebuild.


                      early model 79 Mustang 2.8 Hatchback. Had all the leftover parts from ’78 fairmont-zepher. Brake calipers, flex plate, drums, starter, just to name a few. It was made in Oct of 78. Never tried to see what number it was off the assembly line. I still have it, it’s covered, and it hasn’t run in about 26 years. Saving it for a project in about 10 years. If anyone has a 2.8l Cologne engine from 77-78 they want to sell, keep me in mind. That’s the engine that’s in there. My Pop borrowed my car for about six months and destroyed the numbers matching motor :(. Oh well. It will be back on the road though!

                      Benjamin BlackBenjamin Black

                        I’ll put a couple firsts:

                        First car I drove: 2001 Chevy Silverado 1500 (I was 13 years old)
                        First car I drove regularly: 1998 Chevy Venture (hand-me-down from parents)
                        First car I owned: 1997 Buick LeSabre Custom (It had a problem with vapor-locking and eventually had a bad fuel pump)


                          Mine was Ford Areostar mini…those memories with that car :(((( nostalgic!

                          Lars ZuluetaLars Zulueta

                            Mine was ford fiesta. I think fiesta is still being manufactured until now but didn’t buy another model of that.


                            First car is emotion!

                            Alex MckenzieAlex Mckenzie

                              It’s a 1974 Bronco, which my grandpa owns and he used on our farm. This vehicle is still running up to this day since it is well-maintained.

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