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    Demitrius Carroll
    Demitrius Carroll

    Im having trouble with my 07 Altima and wanted to see if anyone could help. The car displayed the code p0746 which is for the pressure control solenoid so I ordered the solenoid and replaced it on the valve body. When putting the valve body back in the trans I made sure that the ratio control valve was connected the right way on the stepper motor and the pin that is at the top of the trans. I put the valve body back together and added fluid but when I go to put the car into drive or reverse it does nothing but the rpms start spiking out of control when I press the gas, the car does not move anymore. Before I removed the valve body and replaced the solenoid the car would jerk when I accelerated but still drove. If anybody could help that would be great. Is there something that I have to reset after removing the valve body.

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)

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