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    I’m helping a foreign man find a tool for his motorcycle that he can’t seem to find on any website. I have no experience in mechanics at all so I thought I’d ask here. He wants a certain Holding Tool for his Yamaha Fazer 250 to make some repairs on a chain in the engine which looks like this: . The certain tool he is looking for looks like this: . I have suggested to him a universal tool I found on amazon that is suited for motorcycles but when I showed him the tool, he said the pins are just right in diameter (around 8cm he says) but are too small in length to go through the holes so I tried looking for longer pins but all I found were pins with difference in diameter. I thought maybe longer pins aren’t necessary so I looked at a video he showed to me about the repair he is trying to do. Looking at the tool in the video, the pins aren’t very long and they go inside the 3 holes so I’m confused as to why he needs longer pins. This is the tool I found on Amazon: . Will this tool help him with holding that wheel in place and if not, does anyone know any place online/in-store where they sell the tool shown in the second image I attached? I’m sure he prefers the standard one and not the universal, unless I told him an expert says the universal works just fine as any other.

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