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need help testing coil pack for spark 01 ford f150

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    Tabatha Pope
    Tabatha Pope

    My truck has been misfiring in cylinder 6 and cylinder 2. I got the code to go away for cylinder two but now I’m still trying to figure out cylinder 6. I’ve already tested the primary resistance and it is fine but I checked the secondary resistance and I didn’t get a reading… so i was going to check it for spark. I watched a video on youtube where the guy cuts a short tube to put an extra spark plug in one end and puts the other end over the thing on the coil pack that corresponds with the cylinder that is misfiring… then you put the jumper cables on the spark plug and then to the neg battery terminal.. start the engine and check for spark… my question is do all the spark plug wires need to be back on the coil pack minus the one you are checking for spark?? If not couldn’t i just use the shortest spark plug wire and any spark plug out of my truck to do the test? I just want to make sure I’m not going to mess anything up before i try it…. Thank you

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    Billy Andrews

    All plugs should be connected. Sounds like the person in the YouTube video made a homemade spark tester. Spark testers are like $5 at the auto parts store or Harbor Freight.

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