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Negative Battery Terminal/Cord Change Questions

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    Anthony Faiell
    Anthony Faiell

    So I can’t post pictures here? I will do best to describe issue. I need to replace negative battery terminal.
    Ford Fusion 2010 Sport 3.5L
    My negative battery terminal is different than standard terminals. It is the somewhat standard piece, but it extends down and attaches to the cable halfway down the battery on the side (like an extended terminal of sorts). Also, the cable didn’t reach up enough to just cut it and put a standard terminal end on it. I called Ford and they said they only sold it as a whole cable+terminal combo because it is a special kind. After removing my battery trey, I feel like I could fix the cable management a bit and get more slack on the negative terminal cable to possibly just cut it and replace it with a standard battery terminal end. Would this be a bad thing to do? Is there any specific reason I should go through Ford to replace the whole cable and keep these hard to find hyper specific parts?? Or could I just try to get some more slack and cut the end to replace it with a standard terminal end to make it easier to deal with in the future?
    Any explanations would also be helpful, trying to become better at all this.

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