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Negative ground cable – bare copper?!

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    J Harvey
    J Harvey

    Hi! I’m new here.
    Just bought an 05 Element (I love this thing)

    Replaced the negative ground cable – the one on the negative battery post, terminates on the frame, and then down lower onto the engine block.

    My question is, WHY in the world did Honda decide it needed a few inches of *bare* copper? The entire cable is clad in rubber, except for a few inches of totally bare copper near the block termination. I replaced it because the wire was almost entirely corroded, a few threads of copper were left.

    I ordered a new OEM replacement from the local dealership – and it is the same! Bare copper. What the heck? Is this an instance of “planned obsolescence”?

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    Jonathan Gabriel
    Jonathan Gabriel

    I think you might just want to purchase the same gauge size electrical cable and cut off some insulation to your desired length and make yourself the proper connection.

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