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New ETCG video "Delayed Shifting, Honda Transmission" question

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    jason alex
    jason alex

    Here’s the most baffling problem I’ve ever had fixing cars.
    2001 accord atx 4 cylinder has had delayed shifting for several years now (mostly when cold..shifts much better when hot) and I’m baffled. Rebuilt trans has about 70k miles on it.
    It has an external trans cooler so I removed a hose to cooler to completely replace fluid (filling while draining with car running). Perfect bright fluid. Still shifted poorly afterwards.
    Replaced the A shift solenoid. No change. Replaced the B shift solenoid. No change. Changed the pressure sensor. no change. Finally saw a deal on the linear shift (dual) solenoid so then replaced that.
    Here’s the weird part..the car shifted 100 times WORSE…with a BRAND NEW SOLENOID? I tested the actuators on the solenoid with 12 volts and they clicked like new. Seemed to work great.
    Then I saw that the TCU may need to be reset. So I did the steps for that and the ‘relearn’ process. Drove it very gently and slowly for 45 minutes and it still shifted like complete garbage. Most of the time wouldn’t even leave 1st gear before flashing “D”.
    Put the old linear shift solenoid back on and just deal with the delayed shifts…at least I can drive it.
    What is the actual heck is going on???🤷
    I saw the new ETCG vid just posted and was EXCITED Out of my mind hoping for a cure.
    Any info would be ❤️ and appreciated.

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