No crank.

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    Ted Wilusz

    I have an 88 Honda dx hatchback 1.5. Automatic. My current issue is no start. By no start no crank. Doing some checking I have found the following
    Can get it to start by jump in starter solenoid.
    When you turn key nothing happens. But if you apply slight pressure to the wire for solenoid the starter will click but not turn.
    Noticed I found a clicking sound when you turn key behind dash. And noticed fuel pump running. Found the main relay that is the clicking sound.
    Did a small test with relay. I checked for voltage at I believe terminal 4 and ground. Turn key and see that there is only 7 volts. From what I have seen should have had at least 10 volts. Traced wires from ignition switch to fuse box and in process of checking wiring for main relay. Is there a possibility that the neutral safety switch is bad? Main relay? (Was told that the starter relay is part of the relay). Even thought starter because you can start by jumping solenoid.
    Any pointers. Finding out most parts need to be ordered want to make sure I am not just guessing. A little more info. Car sat for 4 years.
    Thanks in advance for your time.

    Update. After checking wiring and other testing I replaced the ignition switch. I replaced the entire ignition switch housing and all. I am wondering if there is an adjustment or a procedure for installing the new one. The car will start but when you turn off and take key out the chime keeps going off. The only way I have found at this point is to leave it slightly loose and the chime does not go off. So I figure there is a certain way it must go in but not sure. What I did find on old ignition switch is the piece on end of the cylinder where it goes into ignition switch was broken off.

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