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    I have just gone crazy trying to fix my 2005 Honda Accord. It had all the symptoms of a bad main relay, but has NO main relay. This even confused my local (35 miles away) Honda dealer. I kept researching and have found that while there is no longer a main relay from 2005 forward, there are actually 2 relays that perform the same function. These relays are located in the fuse box located behind the driver side kick panel. You have to remove the door sill trim and the kick panel to access them as they are located right above the fuses. One relay controls the ECU and the other powers the EFI system. This second relay was the subject of a recall. The original relay was a Matsuba and the replacement is made by Denso. In my case the ECU relay was causing the car to quit without warning. It would then cause the green immobilizer light to flash and the car would not restart for 10 – 15 minutes. Replacing the ECU relay fixed the problem. I replaced the EFI relay because mine still had the original Matsuba relay in it. I purchased both relays from RockAuto for $29.76 including shipping.

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