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Odd sound from possibly the torque converter

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    Donivan Redwood
    Donivan Redwood

    Hello: I have a 1970 El Camino, it has a turbo 350 automatic transmission. Lately, upon engaging the trans into drive, and at beginning the acceleration of vehicle, I hear an odd “sound like the fan blades on the engine are lightly striking the radiator”. upon inspection, there are no striking marks on the radiator, but, I replaced the fan clutch anyway. Under light footed slow acceleration, there are no unlikely noises coming from under the car, the transmission shifts just fine and is smooth in it’s operation. At any time, if I press upon the accelorator to increase speed suddenly, I hear that same sound, as if a wire coat hanger is hung up underneath around the drive shaft, but upon inspection, nothing is there. Could this be a sign that the inner clutch of the transmission is failing? or something else? you can reply here or to my email thanks, Donivan

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