oil in antifreeze

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      recently had new upper and lower intake gaskets replaced i noticed oil in my antifreeze could that have caused the oil to get in there or am i screwed

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        Hi joedirt74,

        What vehicle are we dealing with here please? Keep us posted and we can go from there.


          I am assuming this is a GM engine, 3100, 3400?


            +1 @spawnedX if it is indeed a 3100 or 3400 and u replaced ur upper and lower intake gaskets replaced it is most likley a headgasket(s) issue there notorious for these issues GM’s Dex cool was 1 of there worst ideas ever


              Do you have signs of any white smoke coming from the tail pipe while driving or noticing the coolant level dropping?

              I would use a coolant pressure test kit and see if you can isolate the antifreeze leak to start with.

              I would also recommend doing a compression test too. Usually if you have companion cylinders that have low readings, that is usually a sign of a head gasket issue. Also pulling a spark plug to see if it looks new (burning coolant causes the plugs to be steam cleaned).

              Who ever serviced the vehicle may have spilled coolant into the intake valley and never changed the oil.

              If you do or did decide to stay away from Dexcool, becareful with the ‘green’ coolant you may use as Peak and Prestone’s green coolant has the dreaded 2EHA (2 ethyl hexanoic acid) that essentially makes it a dex-clone.


                its a 2002 ford windstar with a 3.8 litre also its not losing any coolant and dont notice any white smoke

                Jason Alexmckrishes

                  How is the car running? I would flush the cooling system and clean the reservoir tank, then watch the system to see if the oil returns. If so, you may have a head gasket issue.


                    Sure it is oil and not just slime?

                    EricTheCarGuy 1EricTheCarGuy

                      If your not having an overheat issue and you just replaced the gaskets it is possible that the coolant was contaminated during the work that you did. I would start with replacing the coolant and then checking to see if the condition still exists, if it’s gone then it was just contamination caused by the work but if not it’s worth looking into.


                        also i dont notice any coolant in my oil i’ve heard that oil in your coolant system means intake gaskets are bad and coolant in your oil means head gasket is bad ?

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