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      I would have to say I like most old mucsle but I would love to own a 1970 340 Plymouth Duster. Most Mopars of the 67-71 era I would love to own as well though.

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      Ian WilliamsIan Williams

        For me it would be a early 70’s Dodge Challenger , like the one in Vanishing Point , or a Plymouth Baracuda from the same era

        Harold AndersonHarold Anderson

          1969 Dodge Charger.

          Loved the car ever since i’ve seen the TV show “The Dukes of Hazzard”

          Harold AndersonHarold Anderson

            true, most people don’t relize that the dodge charger Daytona was one of the first cars to ever be banned from Nascar just because it was too fast.


              I’m glad to see the love of Ma Mopar on here!! My favorite car always was a 1969 Dodge Charger…..which I was lucky enough to buy when I was 15 for my first car. Nothing was cooler than going through high school in the late 90’s with that car! But other than that I would say a 1969 Coronet R/T, 1971 Charger Super Bee, and well, I guess just about any old mopar.

              Current mopars,
              1969 Charger
              1964 Plymouth Valiant
              1967 Plymouth Belvedere

              Kevin CriswellKevin Criswell

                I have always liked these old machines

                Kevin CriswellKevin Criswell

                  I preferred this front end over the older one


                    Oh ya, I did like those as well. Not exactly the same, but I use to have a 74 Plymouth Satellite.

                    Kevin CriswellKevin Criswell

                      [quote=”SkyPuncher” post=82048]Oh ya, I did like those as well. Not exactly the same, but I use to have a 74 Plymouth Satellite.[/quote]

                      Very nice, I had forgotten about the Satellite’s we used to call ’em clones.

                      Lorrin BarthLorrin Barth

                        This would have occurred before 1985 (when we moved). My neighbor was a traveling salesman and he had noticed me tinkering on cars. So, he asked me, “If my wife ever has car trouble while I’m out of town, could you help her?” It was one of those things that pass in conversation and I quickly forgot it.

                        His wife drove a big white boattail Riviera with a 455 engine. It was a beautiful car. One night in the dead of winter she came to the door. Something was wrong with her car. Out in the cold I went and soon found the problem was the distributor. The moveable plate had come loose and there was no fixing it.

                        Back then there was but one auto parts store in town that had evening hours. I called and they had a distributor. So, I dropped it in, timed the beast, pounded on her back door to tell her it was fixed and went to bed.

                        Next morning I was in the bathtub when I heard a big throaty engine roar to life. I asked my wife to look outside to see who that was because it was a sound I had never heard in the neighborhood before. She returned saying that the only thing she saw was Mrs. Gates leaving for work.

                        A week later her husband had returned and over the back fence he said to me, “I have a bone to pick with you – you almost killed my wife!” I thought OH OH, what did I do? Seeing the look on my face, he smiled and said, “My wife got down to the corner where she had to pull into traffic, stepped on the gas and almost ended up in the yard across the street.”

                        college mancollege man

                            Detroit Muscle, huh? Alright.

                            I don’t want to be:


                            Mo’Parts had some nice rides.

                            Let’s not forget AMC.

                            Olds, Buick, and Ponti also had some killer cars.

                            For my money: It’s all about the Bowtie!

                            Now understand, not everybody can own a Chevy. *Somebody* has to lose the race. It takes a Chevy to keep up with a Chevy, and only a Chevy can outrun a Chevy.

                            I like ’71-older Chevelle
                            70-71 Monte Carlo
                            67-69 Camaro. ~Specifically: 69, 67, 68
                            Chevy II/Nova of any year (pre-4 door)
                            61-63 Impala 409 ~I would never own one though because they make me think of the idiots who low ride them.
                            62 Bel-Air 409

                            In any car I want 4 things
                            1 BIG block (Exceptions: Z/28 DZ302, Nail head, Flat head, Stove Bolt)
                            2 Carburetor(s) ~Multiple Deuces or minimum 4bbl
                            3 Distributor (Points or Pointless)
                            4 MANual transmission. (Exception: Trucks, SUVs.)

                            So many people have a small block 350 backed by either a THM350 or THM400 (rarely THM700r4), it just makes me SICK! I would burn any project car TO THE GROUND before I put a small block into it. Over done, over played, too predictable, unoriginal.

                            I’d rather have a pre-war Hot Rod though. An old F*rd body with a Blown Big Block Chevy race motor running a minimum of Alcohol. Run it on the streets, too. I would never street race, but just the look on some Ferrari driver’s face when you blow by him…. B)

                            Ryan PoteetRyan Poteet

                              1967 ford cobra Elenor frame. If I ever find this car I will “borrow” (steal) for about an hour and then return it.


                                My favorite muscle cars are the 2 Mopars I used to own.
                                A 1968 B5 Blue Roadrunner with a 383 Magnum, 4-speed manual, and 3:23 rear axle. No A/C, no P/S, no PB; just grunt.

                                A 1969 Dodge Superbee in Spring Green with the black tail stripe, twin scoop hood, and same as above except the rear axle was a Sure-Grip; Chrysler’s word for Posi-traction.

                                Harold SmithHarold Smith

                                  I’m a Mopar fan, and I like any from the Muscle Car era, but I really like the 68-69 Plymouth Roadrunner/GTX. The 383 in my opinion and I know opinions vary, was the better engine than the 440. My uncle had a 69 GTX with 440 and it was super fast from 0 to 90, but after 90 mph the valves would float out. Before he could get it fixed, he got drunk one night and accidentally parked in a bank lobby in Havastraw New York via though the brick wall. Needless to say, the police wasn’t very happy with him. LOL This is a true story. banana:


                                    Actually, I thought the 383 Magnum was a stronger engine as compared to the 440 also. Back in the day while doing some street racing, I outran a few 440 powered Roadrunners and absolutely waxed a
                                    ’67 GTO with a 421 Tri-Power setup.

                                    The only 2 cars that ever outran me were a 1960 Impala with a built up 396 and a ’69 GTO with a 400 that was not stock.
                                    My Plymouth had been loitering around in city traffic for a few weeks and those Magnum engines in the days of leaded gasoline would crap up the spark plugs very quickly.
                                    In both of those races I lost the engine would start cutting out at about 4000 RPM. With fresh plugs I might have won those races; or maybe not.

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