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    Marci Baker
    Marci Baker

    Hello again. I recently had a fuel injection flush done on Tuesday. Check engine light came on Tuesday night. Starting Wednesday, my car started to shake. Last night while driving, it shook during my errands. Took a while to get to 6th gear. Took it back to Mazda this morning and they were going to diagnois. I just got a text from them stating that is was an open fuel injector and I need that replaced along with the spark plugs. My question is, would an open fuel injector be noticed during the flush or would the flush have opened a fuel injector?

    *My car is a Mazda 2014 CX9 Grand Touring. The reason why I got the fuel injector flush done was because I started smelling a rotten egg smell and I googled. Mazda said to start with the flush to see if that would help the problem, which it did since no more smell. I also had a new battery installed on Monday, not by dealer.

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    Nightflyr *
    Richard Kirshy

    Playing devil’s advocate …
    ( assuming here… ) Being that the flush was done and there were no noticeable issues during or right after the procedure.
    It would be tough to place blame on the dealership.
    When you picked up the vehicle was there any signs of trouble?
    Is it possible the flush caused the injector to stick open? ….
    Anything is possible, the trouble would be to prove it beyond reasonable doubt.

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