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Opening up a Repair Shop or Working out of your garage??

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    Auto mechanic shop options

    Need advice from experienced shop owners/mechanics!??
    I’ve been a mechanic at a dealership for a long time, nearly 15 years and at the age of 36 now. At this point, I have a choice of building a home in the suburbs with a nice size garage Attached (to save money) to put 1 lift and run my business(although zoning is the issue sadly and possibly Neighbours but I know some people still have LLC and run it Quietly) or build a house out in the country and have a detached garage with a steel building 30×40 and run a business out of there (more expensive but more room, zoning still may be an issue as well as the neighbors still)
    Or Try to build a steel building closer to the city at a business location where zoning is Not an issue , but i would have to take out a big loan obviously and finding a location and land may be problem. Also at that point, I can’t pick and choose what I wanna work on and I may be overwhelmingly busy , which will require me to have employee(s) which then stress level goes up and other big expenses keep rolling monthly.. BUT in the end, once it’s paid off, I would own the building and it would be an investment.. (since we are not going to be young forever)

    What are your thoughts and advice? Really appreciate honest opinions, advice from people who were/are in the same situation as I am. Thank you.

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