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    Sean Dugan

    2011 chevy equinox L4.

    car has cracked 2 manifolds, the first time i notice sensor one was damaged but no codes. second time manifold cracked, i replaced manifold used original sensor again. threw the p0420 code. noticed the manifold had loosened a little, re tightened and new o2 sensor. cleared code and came back. went through the process of cataclean, code came back when the wife turned the cold air on the other day. i have a scanner and was able to graph the sensor readings. sensor one goes up and down from .1-.8v and sensor 2 stays steady .4-.7 . After the cata clean the light seemed to stay off for a little longer then the other times. any information, tips or tricks befor i bring it to a shop would be appreciated. Thank you

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