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    Rob SiergfriedRob Siergfried

      I have a 1996 Geo Tracker. We tow it behind our camper. I got this fault code of P0740 which has to do with the trans not locking up properly. This is a Japanese car and nearly bulletproof but the American models were sold with a chevy 3 speed trans which is the weak point when I use it to climb mountains on rocky paths or to drive on deep soft sand. This code just turned up. There are no other symptoms. Months ago the trans did heat up a little and shift hard going up Pikes Peak but was fine after cooling down.
      The question is can I ignore this if there are no symptoms? Cab I reset and see what happens? This car is not worth what a rebuild in the trans would cost but it is important to our way of life and we aren’t well off.

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      Rob SiergfriedRob Siergfried

        Oh OH I just cleared it and took it out for a ride. Shifting happened in the right places and when it got to 3rd and I backed off of the throttle the tach dropped slightly and tracked evenly with the spedo. Then if I hit the gas hard it would rise faster than the spedo. Then the Check engine light came on and the tach no longer stayed in synch with the spedo. It wouldn’t take a lot of gas to make it rise up a couple of hundred RPM.
        Am I looking at a junkyard trans or can I ignore it? Is there anything I can try? Are the actuators inside the trans or outside and can they be changed?

        Rob SiergfriedRob Siergfried

          I did find some info. This is a chevy 3 speed trans and it may need a TCC solenoid and / or a TCC relay. Can’t find the relay. The TCC solenoid in on the underside of the trans and visible when the pan comes off.

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