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    David Fields
    David Fields


    2001 Nissan Maxima
    204k miles

    CEL keeps on going on with this code P0744.
    Car was shifting very bad and almost impossible to drive Then the CEL went off with P0744. The ATF was very dirty. Also few years prior the car had over heated briefly. Thought I had saved it. (Bad thermostat)

    What I have done is drain a
    Atf and put in Lucus and Valvoline synthetic ATF. And it was a lot better immediately. But still not like it should. I also cleared the CEL code at this time
    The atf that came out was black/brown, no metallic tint or metal shavings and did NOT smell burned or bad.

    It came back in 72 miles. But drove better, continued to drive and at 330 miles after it was even better
    600 miles much better
    900 miles about back to normal.
    I then cleared the CEL and car was driven and felt good. But the. About 2 weeks later CEL came back with P0744.

    I was hoping that it was a stuck solenoid or dirty fluid that a ATF service and Lucus might help. And iso far it has helped tremendously.

    Should I drain / fill ATF again and add Lucus to get more of the old fluid out. I looked at it and looked dark again with a red tint.
    Only looking to keep car for a few more years

    Below link is to a video I took of the freeze frame when the CEL came back last

    Thank you in advance.

    this car is now my sons first car and has been one thing after another since I have given to him
    And did all work myself. To save $$
    1 coil
    Break light switch
    Speed sensor (part free under warranty)
    ATF service

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    David Fields
    David Fields

    update : I went ahead and did another ATF drain and fill. the ATF was black already but with a red tint. added lucus and used Valvoline Synthetic ATF again. It was shifting better after that, but still the CEL comes up P0744. last time it went of was at 51mph my guess was in D4 trying to do a Lockup.
    do I need to replace the Solenoid(s) Nissan part 31940-80X25 are the Solenoids failing? Transmission jatco RE4F04A

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    Nightflyr *
    Richard Kirshy

    Your dealing with:
    A vehicle with 204,000 miles.
    Had extremely dirty ATF
    After 2 flushes it still throwing a code.
    One of the most common reasons for this code is debris obstructing the flow of transmission fluid throughout the transmission valve body.
    It may also be that the internal pump might be going bad.
    Being this is not occurring at first drive would lead me to discount a wiring issue.
    But could still be a solenoid or torque converter issue
    Futher diagnotics would be required before part swapping begins.

    David Fields
    David Fields

    Thank you for your comments. My toughs are along the same thoughts.

    David Fields
    David Fields

    update : some good news, after thinking about it some more. I highly suspected that I had a sticking solenoid(s) or valve(s) on the valve body so I decide to give SeaFoam Trans Tune a try. I am going to do a 3rd ATF drain and fill to complete the flush so I thought to put this Seafoam trans tune in to help clean things out. I verified it was ok to put in Seafoam TT in a while it still had Lucus in the fluid. after adding the Seafoam TT, it was immediately a lot better. just have to drive about 1000 miles with the Seafoam TT in the ATF fluid. before doing another Drain and Fill.
    Also monitor if the P0744 CEL comes back as well. Here is a little vid i put together on it.

    Second ATF Drain and Fill, this was apx 3k-4k miles after the initial Drain and Fill

    Adding Seafoam TransTune, with some driving results right after adding Seafoam Trans Tune. showing the shifting.

    Nightflyr *
    Richard Kirshy

    Best of luck
    Keep us posted

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