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    Sanjeev Verma
    Sanjeev Verma

    Hey Eric!
    first up, great video on youtube on this topic, great explanation, thanks a bunch. I have a 2007 subaru outback 2.5i, essentially similar car to what you have in that video. I am getting a P2096 on this car. It started a couple of months ago, shortly after I replaced the engine air filter on this car for the first time ever (it has 160k miles on it). Yes, I know, the filter was filth. anyways, since then, the CEL in on with the P2096 code. It has gone off a couple of times on its own though, without me clearing it, so i thought maybe it is not a bad O2 sensor. I have so far cleaned the MAF sensor and the throttle body, both of which helped with the performance of the car, but the CEL always comes back on after clearing it with P2096. Finally, I have checked the heater circuit, it is not open, the beep is there.
    I would be very grateful for any suggestions you might be able to give me at this time as next steps. I have ordered a YCT sensor as replacement, but would like to avoid replacing if that is not what the root cause is.
    thanks for reading!

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    Rahul Jones
    Rahul Jones

    Do you have access to OBD live data? I would start by checking the live data on that O2 sensor and then add some external fuel to check if the O2 sensor picks up the engine getting more fuel. If it does, then I would check for vacuum leaks or some hose connection on the intake pipe which may be loose after the air filter replacement. If the O2 sensor doesn’t detect then it is likely a bad O2 sensor.

    Billy Andrews

    Specifically, what are your fuel trims?

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