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Parasitic Drain from Keyless Entry – Stumped!

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    Johnathan Dunn
    Johnathan Dunn

    96 Mustang GT Convertible. System is running about 115mA at rest. Gotta drive almost daily or the battery drains. If I unplugged the keyless entry module in the trunk it goes down to about 30mA, which I think is mostly the alarm system. I’ve ruled out the door jamb switches (no current when closed) and I’ve verified the grounds.

    The ONLY thing I’m on to right now is there are 2 GR/O wires coming out of the keyless entry module that are for the vanity mirror lights. At rest and with those lights OFF I get a voltage reading of about .30. It seems it should be zero yes?

    Would appreciate any advice about this idea or any other possibilities I could test out. I’ve spent about 2hrs on this and I’m stumped!

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    Dave Tidman
    Dave Tidman

    On your vanity light measurement, since those circuits are unloaded with the lights off (assuming the lights are the only thing on the circuit), any measurement will be inaccurate.

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