PCM/ASD question/problem.

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    __T__ __C__
    Robert Clark

    hey guys.
    got a problem with my 99 dodge stratus.

    every couple of weeks. it will blow the pcm/asd fuse. some times it will blow it once and be find. the next it will blow the pcm fuse 5 times in a row.and you will have to sit for awhile and then put a new fuse in and she find.

    any idea what could cause this?

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    Nightflyr *
    Richard Kirshy

    A intermediate event is quite a hard issue to track down.
    My suggestion would be :
    When it occurs, unplug the pcm and test the power leads going to it from the harness.
    If the short is still present you have either a wiring issue or perhaps a sensor.

    Sam Roodman
    Sam Roodman

    Is the area around your PCM or ASD relays damp? Is there a certain environmental factor that is consistant every time this thing pops?

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