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Please help. Terrible vibration highway speeds.

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    Kyler Bowls
    Kyler Bowls

    Have a 2002 Honda Civic EAX four-door automatic 1.7 L VTEC. My struts do need to replace I’ll start with that. I’ve been hearing a knocking noise sounded like a drum either on uneven pavement and especially potholes. My biggest concern was the vibration that came out of nowhere. I was fine up until about 30 mph than 30 until almost 70 it would shake so bad I couldn’t take it on the highway and then it would go away after 70 mph. I don’t know where it got so bad I couldn’t drive it.So after getting under the car I could grab the axle and had some play and I could hear the noise I was hearing as I was driving. Finally I get the car and a lift replace both front axles. You heard the knocking noise just not quite as bad but yet when I drive it the vibration was gone. Drove home which was 6 miles away from where I was on the highway left this morning on my way to work was fine 20 minutes into my drive right before my exit it shook so bad like I hadn’t done anything to the vehicle.
    Truth be told this time of the year just like everyone else I’ve spent with money I could in hopes of fixing the problem and it did not. Tires are bad they’re a year old in January worn maybe a little longer looks like two years and I would imagine it from the suspension problem.

    Any other advice someone can give me on where to start? Any ideas would help I’m lost. Could stretch make a car shake so bad it’s not drivable?

    Help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks everybody

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