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    Last week i got a P0420 error code on my 2007 nissan sentra with 211000 miles. My car in every way is running good. Not smoking or using excessive amounts of oil. Still 1 quart per 5k miles. I was ready to change out converter since it is way past its life span. I ran my scantool and checked out the live data. Just looked to good. I did do a temp check on converter and it was same temp going in as out so it may be a little clogged. Read about an additive that i thought i would try. Had nothing to loose and converters are around 500 bucks. Not sure I can mention the brand name here on this website. But it is a cleaner specific to catalytic converters. Although I think its really nothing more than fuel injector cleaner. I am not one who has ever had luck with any kind of additive however this one did surprise me. First thing i did before trying additive, i cleared the code. The next day it came right back on. Then i bought the product and added it to 4 gallons of gas like directions say. Immediately I noticed a slight increase in performance. I thought the code would clear itself but it didnt. So after I ran the 4gallons out about 129 miles, I reset the P0420 error code. I then filled tank up with gas. Its been another 170 miles and light has not come back on. If it does I will post it here. I think this would be good to try however dont think it will work on a damaged converter or one that is totally blocked. This stuff isnt cheap about 25 bucks a bottle. Worth a try. Nissan wants 900 bucks for a converter. This isnt an advertisement so good luck if you try it.

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