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    Hello, I’ve got a Chevy Cruze, EU market, diesel, year 2010, (125k mi), 5 gear manual trans., owning the car for 10 months now.
    First I have a question what is some weird noise, when you drive off, when you reach about 10 mph there is a sound like something “releases” (thoughts on the clutch). It doesnt matter if in gear or not and if you drive under that 10 mph there is no sound. I just never heard this sound in any other car. No problems though.

    The main question I have is about some problems with what I presume is power steering issues. There is a hissing sound when you turn the steering wheel for like more than about 90° in some positions and is heard through the steering wheel and the steering feels a bit jumpy.So when driving on the highway you cant really hear it because of no hard turning. I changed the PS fluid with the manufacturer specified ATF Dexron VI, and there is no difference in the behaviour. The old fluid was kind of black. I also bled out the air 3 separate times and fixed the hoses for movement in general and no change.
    The fluid is not leaking, but when i got the car it was below minimum. I also checked if there are any loose hoses, but there are non. Checked the PS pump pulley for wobbling and there is none. The suspension joints are not loose, and there is no play in the steering rack. The car has a vacuum booster not a hydro boost for brakes so thats not the problem either. The noise is the same in both directions. The noise gets worse after warm up.
    My thoughts are bad PS pump (but there is no excessive noise from it), or some problem with the power steering rack control valve.
    How can i know for sure?

    There are videos uploaded on my account on vimeo about the noise which is heard the most on the bottom of the steering column. Also videos of PS pump when just idling and when turning the steering wheel.
    Link to videos:

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