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Project Fairmont methanol injection project?

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      Hey Eric,
      New member here, but I’ve been watching your videos for years. I love your videos and my favorites are about the Fairmont. I love everything about that project. Pardon me if this has already been suggested, but have you thought about using water methanol injection to increase detonation control? Snow performance and other companies make kits including a carb spacer. You can set it up to inject at different boost levels. A low setting at low boost and a high setting for higher boost. I’m not positive, but you might be able to keep the carburetor at your current settings, or not have to richen up too much and lose your streetability. I think you might have a good chance to have Snow Performance or another company sponsor your installation.

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      EricTheCarGuy 1EricTheCarGuy

        Given that I have about a 1/16″ of hood clearance now, and that’s after dropping the K member 1/2″, that I’ll have room for a carb spacer.

        Several have suggested methanol injection, but that’s just another layer of complication that I don’t want in a car that I was trying to keep simple. Remember, I’ll still have to mount a tank, and run the plumbing, not to mention the controls to make it work. Oh yea, and have methanol on hand.

        Honestly, I think the real issue is my fuel pump. Even the guy from Holley said it wasn’t the correct pump for my application. It’s race only and not designed for long term use.

        I’m heading to PRI today. Mega Squirt has invited me to their booth to talk. If I can find a TBI set up and a fuel pump that can keep up with the volume, I think I’ll be just fine.

        The carburetor is cool, it really is, and I’d hate to loose it. But unfortunately, if I tune for WOT, drivability goes away. If I tune for drivability, it goes lean at WOT. I think fuel injection gets me the streetable sleeper that I have always envisioned.

        Thanks for the suggestion.

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