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    Terry Smith
    Terry Smith

    Hello everyone, I have a question regarding my 2009 Toyota RAV4, I am hoping you can shed some light.

    I have been having issues starting the car. The car works fine after it starts. However, it sometimes requires me to turn the key to the run position and off and then repeat the process again.

    It usually starts after the 3rd time. Other times it starts on the first go without the ‘key dance’.

    I thought it was the fuel filter or the pump that was bad and have changed that. However same thing is still happening. Today, I checked for codes and found these codes – please see attached.

    Engine control

    C1201 Engine control unit
    C1241 System power supply
    C1429 Brake pedal position switch
    C1441 brake booster for ESP

    Cruise control
    B2799 immobilizer

    Gear control
    B2799- immobilizer

    4WD electronics
    C1241-Power supply

    Thank you for your help guys.

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    Nightflyr *
    Richard Kirshy

    Couldn’t say for certain if the codes you listed are a direct response to the issue or not.
    But judging from what your describing it sounds like you may have either a faulty ignition switch or relay

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