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Re-creating the Fairmont/ETCG Dad’s Truck in the game Automation?

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    A bit of an odd question/topic, but has anyone here on the forums considered recreating some of the ETCG cars in the game Automation: The Car Tycoon Game? I had thought about this a bit when poking around in the game for the first time, and even tried my hand at making something that (at least, to the best of my memory at the time) resembled the Fairmont- both in shape and engine spec.

    Since this game is incredibly detailed and granular with how you can build your cars (again, not just fine-tuning the outer body from the preset options, but also the metals used in the engine block, chassis type, the specific size of just about any internal engine parts such as piston head width/depth or valve size, suspension type and ride height, etc- the list goes on for days) I was thinking perhaps we could get a collab going of other forum users who have the game and see about re-creating the Fairmont/ETCG’s Dad’s truck down to the finest detail possible?

    Once you have the finished car in Automation, you can export it to BeamNG.Drive, a really detailed soft-body physics racing game to test it on virtual tracks- as well as export the vehicle save file to others who have the game, so it could be shared with other forum users along the way or when finished- hell, you could even have different builds of it and compete against others with em, there’s a whole range of possibilities here.

    Anyway- Automation: The Car Tycoon Game is $30 (with a V16 Engines DLC pack for $10) and BeamNG.Drive is $25, both available on Steam- but there are often seasonal sales on Steam, and both usually see a decent price drop during those sales. I’ve only poked around with Automation a little bit myself (~80 min in-game at the time of this post, I don’t have BeamNG yet…) but there are plenty of videos on both games out there to give you a better idea of how detailed both games can get with car creation and driving/crash physics respectively. I would post links to the Steam pages for both, but I’m not sure if there’s a rule against that or not

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