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rear differential damper replacement

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      How is the rear differential damper removed from the 2004 Honda CRV ? Can it be removed while on the ground? has anyone done this job? There is no shuddering that I am aware of, but I noticed it loose and quite rusty. Don’t want to bring it to the dealership.

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        Thanks for the overwhelming replies. Problem solved, I purchased the part and asked the service manager about the replacement, and it was just one bolt holding it in place line up the tabs and tighten. Done. Can’t wait for the next project.

        Lorrin BarthLorrin Barth

          I’m still waiting to learn what a rear differential damper is.


            Hey Barney, The rear differential damper is a contraption attached to the support bracket of the rear diff. It DAMPENS vibration in the drive line. Didn’t want to bring it to any repair shop to be robbed.It cost 65 dollars ay my local Honda parts dept. Thanks for asking. Dan

            EricTheCarGuy 1EricTheCarGuy

              One thing to note, be sure to change the fluid in there regularly. If not, it can cause a noise and a vibration. It’s very similar to what’s in my Element.


                Thankyou Eric, I have changed the fluid in the diff a few times.there is no noise or vibration as we speak.

                Andrew CleggAndrew Clegg

                  After noticing a leak in the oil seals in my rear differential on my 05 Element- I am not seeing any signs of there ever being a damper in the differential. This is a one owner vehicle with only factory maintenance, so I’m wondering if they had removed it? Did they change the design or just leave it off after having it serviced?

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