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Rear shock, transmission and turning engine off question

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    Slava A
    Slava A

    Hey Eric, been watching your YouTube car repair videos for sometime. I have seen that you work on many Honda/Acura vehicles and have few questions for you.
    1) Rear shocks: There is a thumping noise coming from right rear of my 2010 Acura RL when I go over uneven or patched roads. It isn’t too bad, but it is just there/mild annoyance. I though that the issue could be rear shock and/or upper shock mount. Is there a way for me to diagnose and purchase parts before I disassemble rear seat?

    Another question for rear shocks: In case I need to replace the shocks, do I have to replace upper mount, washers, dust covers or shocks only is good enough?

    2) Auto Transmission: When vehicle is cold and I change gear shifter from P to D or N to D, it takes around 1 sec or less for the car to go into D, which is good. When car is warm or driven on the highway, doing the above, might take more than 1 sec, but less than 2. Putting car into R, happens within 1 sec regardless if cold/warm. ATF is as clean as it can be and level is good too. I was thinking as ATF heats up, it gets a bit thin and may have slightly less pressure than when it is cold. I also don’t know if vehicle has Acura ATF-Z1(discontinued) or DW-1 fluid

    3) When shutting off the car: When I turn off the car (In P or N), I hear a mild metal clunk, as if torque converter or something disengages. This is the only time I can hear that noise under the car. Don’t know if Honda/Acura vehicles do that. I tried to capture video of that, but inside the car camera didn’t pick up the sound except me turning car off.

    Thank you!

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