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Remanufactured amc 2.5 1997 jeep wrangler

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    Brayden Briskey
    Brayden Briskey

    Hello all, i am new to this forum so i am sorry if this is the wrong place. But basically the engine in my jeep tj, is tired. And has low compression. My plan is to buy a remanufactured engine, because i do not have the time, space, or respurces to rebuild. I will actually have to borrow a driveway to do the swap. But basically what my plan was, was to buy an engine from napa, the ironclad brand from atk. I cannot for the life of me, find any forums or reviews from recent times about any reman. So basically what im asking is what brand reman should i buy? I really just want a fresh engine, stock power, that i know will do me well, and not a junkyard engine that could last me 6 months. Thank you, and I appreciate any responses

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