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      Hello, what kind of remote starter will work for my 2008 Lexus IS250?
      I have bought a remote starter RS1050, will that work, do I need more stuff to make it work or will that be all?
      where can I get 2008 Lexus IS250 Wiring Diagram?

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      college mancollege man

        The kit should have instructions on how to install it.


          There is usually wiring diagrams available on the products website.


            I didn’t not get any of instructions and I want to there website it was not there.


              It sounds like you better return it and buy a different brand. Personally, I hate those damn things anyway. They usually cause electrical issue sometime in their life.


                  I really hate after market additions like this. You are adding another fail point and one that us as the mechanic will not be immediately aware of since when we look in our system that shows us all the recalls/known faults/features, we wont see it listed and so it will be the last thing we check. If you do install it I highly suggest that you write down that you added this feature on a small piece of tape and stick it to the dash some where, so we know it Thank you kindly.


                  Every mechanic you ever will meet.

                  P.S: Far as brands go that is up to you, but do yourself a favor and check each brand with consumer reports to make sure there not prone to Rule 15 of the FCC…Prone meaning that there known to conflict with cell phones/garage door openers..etc. Last thing you need is your car starting up by itself in the middle of the night and burning fuel. Yes it does


                    Bulldog = bullcr*p. Get a bulldog cheapo system if you want a problem in 12 months. Both you list look like they’re ****; and both likely made by the same company that owns bulldog.

                    Were I to install one, which I might for the truck at some point, I’d get a clifford, viper, python, etc.. Which are all the same umbrella corporation now:

           will likely have a decent deal on one of the better ones mentioned. If you want it to actually work reasonably easy with some actual backing, then visit and talk to someone about what you want and what all you will need. They will provide the wiring diagrams with your purchase.

                    Visit this site on getting more information specific to installing aftermarket alarms and such. And here specifically is your requested info:
           (4th entry, 3rd post in that thread).

                    Realistically, if you have no experience with electrical work, take it to a shop. You really need some experience/knowledge doing this somewhere/from someone; likely as it’s an 2008, it will need a PATS bypass to function in addition to using relays for various things. These are not plug and play systems specific to your vehicle, they need adaptation. This is especially true of newer ones that have chipped keys for PATS, as they will require you to either sacrifice a key for the chip along with an additionally purchased module, or cloning an existing key’s chip for the additional module which doesn’t come with the base alarm/remote-start kit purchased.

                    EricTheCarGuy 1EricTheCarGuy

                      As pointed out, you need to proceed with caution here. Make sure your installation is spot on. If not, you may have issues in the future. I have seen on many occasion where a remote starter caused an issue. Most of those problems were due to poor installation practices. Also on a luxury vehicle of that type, it might prove problematic due to the factory security system, so be sure to heed any warnings that pertain to that in the instructions of the kit you decide to go with.

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