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    Tom Hirschfield
    Tom Hirschfield

    I am installing a remote starter in my wife’s 2003 Accord LX. The kit contains an EVO-ALL data immobilizer bypass/security interface module. The instructions for that say to attach a wire to the (-) CAN BUS Signal, the wire (red/brown on my car) coming from pin 4 of the green 21-pin connector located above the interior fuse panel . I’ve made and remade this connection multiple times, but the EVO-ALL programming continues to fail when it’s supposed to get the CAN BUS signal. I have 0 ohms between the end of the wire in the green plug and the end of the wire in the EVO-ALL harness, so I know that connection is good. But I can’t figure out where the other end of the red/brown wire is!

    Does anybody know if this actually CAN BUS, what the other end of this wire is connected to (and where it ends), and how to test that it’s sending whatever signal the EVO-ALL is expecting?

    This was supposed to be a Christmas present and I’m trying to avoid the impending divorce (again!)

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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