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Replacing Ford Expedition 2007 Engine

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    pwi23270 .
    pwi23270 .

    Hi everyone,
    I have totaly no knowledge in car mechanics.
    I bought Ford Expedition 2007 many years ago and now told the engine is dying and have to be replaced soon. I was thinking to replace the current engine with more modern one (like Ford Expedition 2015) but I have the following questions:
    Q1- Should I replace the engine with another modern Ford Expedition engine or should I look for other company like Chevrolet, GMC, Toyota … etc ?
    Q2- In case it’s better to replace it with Ford Expedition engine, could you specify what is the best model (2015 or 2017 for example)?
    Q3- In case it’s better to replace it with another company engine Chevrolet, GMC, Toyota … etc, could you specify the brand and the year (Tahoe 2015, Yukon 2017)?
    Q4- What other things I should change with the proposed engine like gearbox or any mechanical/electrical components ?
    Q5- Could this process be as cheap as possible?

    Thank you all

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    EricTheCarGuy 1

    Unless you want to do a bunch of rewiring and replace the computer you should replace the engine with exactly what is in there now. As for cheap, you might sell the vehicle after reading this but I believe the body has to come off of the frame to replace the engine on that vehicle. It’s extremely labor intensive and most people sell when the encounter this issue.

    Please keep us updated.

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