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Replacing rear CV axles on 2003 Honda CR-V 4wd

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    Laurie S
    Laurie S

    Hi i need help and love watching your videos especially the Honda Element videos because our vehicles are really similar but I’m currently in middle of changing my rear CV axles on my crv. Since I was upgrading to adjustable upper control arms I thought I’d be able to pivot my knuckle outward to pull the outboard CV joint out of the hub/knuckle. I have already popped the inboard joint free of it’s seat in the differential but can’t seem to get enough length between inboard and outboard joints with the axle fully compressed to get it free of either end and removed from the vehicle. Later after day 3 into unsuccessful fumbling in carport I discovered that the recommended mthod is to drop the differential. Is dropping the differential really the best course of action? And to add to it also recommends removing evap canister during process of dropping my rear diff. Why the evap?? Do I really have to remove the evap canister and potentially introduce a leak into the sealed system that is functioning properly? Can I just drop differential and leave evap canister and evap system alone?

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