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    I live in OZ (Australia) Victoria.

    I have an Ol’ 1971 Dodge Ozzy built RHDrive -Ute/Pick up as you Americans word them, an AT 4, C1100 which I’m trying to complete its been an 8 yr part time project.
    Its a V8 L.A. 318 Chrysler motor with 3 speed auto transmission.

    Last year I bought Cole Hersee 2 speed(hi/lo) wiper/ washer unit. It’s part number is 75228-03. It has 6 pin configuration. L, H, W, B X 2 & P.
    I’ve found a place to the left of the steering wheel under the dash to install it- however not complete regarding the electricals.

    Its been a little difficult & awkward trying to get the right information specific to the car & correct installation details along with trying to get the correct relay(s) to reach a compatible & effective combination to complete this part. There are no installation details nor is it easy to find a video you tube clip for this application.

    All the wiring is Yellow in colour from the washer unit. I have been able to clean the wires & could find that they were printed on close to the terminals ie: 71-4, 71-2, 71-1 I could not see a 71-3.
    Anyhoo I’ve managed to isolate them & get the right combination to work just from the car battery.71-4 Hi speed, 71-1 Lo speed, 71-2 could be park-not sure & the other wire going to ignition without any marking other than yellow/green elect. tape wrapped around it.

    If you google the following this has been one of the best illustrations for me to match up with the C/H 2 speed unit.

    I’ve been able to get the wires from the wiper unit to work(Hi/Lo speed) along with the H2O pump to emit water onto the windscreen. That’s not the issue. Its trying to figure out the correct relay(s) that may be required. I have a few Bosch Relays (12VLT 30A Part no. 0 332 019 150) lying around with the following configuration 30, 85, 86, 87 & 87(NOT 87A). Would these relays be fine to use or could you recommend another constructive method? Is a single pole double throw relay the right way to go using 2 x relays? 1 to activate the Slow speed & hooked up with a second one to activate the Hi speed. I’ve hooked up spotlights & many other things in the past but I’m not 100% certain with this. The 2 speed washer has a press in button built within the 2 speed dial- push in to activate & pump water to the windscreen.

    I sure would appreciate your help as I believe I’m about 65-70% there I just cannot come up with the right combination. I have a 30A circuit breaker & inbuilt fuses to safe guard the wiring as I’m testing them along with a Toledo circuit tester with inbuilt light. I’m close but not close enough & have tripped out the circuit breaker on a few occasions. I know how to not do it correctly that’s for sure! Just like to rectify this last stage once & for all.

    We live in regional area of Victoria.

    Thank you & kind regards Rupert from Oz.

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