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[RESOLVED] 96 Integra stalls on sharp accleration ONLY when started warm

Home Forums Stay Dirty Lounge Service and Repair Questions Answered Here [RESOLVED] 96 Integra stalls on sharp accleration ONLY when started warm

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    Hey everyone,

    My friend has been having a world of problems with his 1996 Integra LS (Stock B18B1 no swap). First his cat was clogged so we fixed that then the O2 sensor decided to shoot out because my friend forgot to torque it down and he had to replace it. Shortly after replacing the cat and O2 sensor his car was stolen/recovered so my friend had to wait roughly a year and a half before he could afford to replace the ignition switch since it was destroyed during the theft.

    After getting the ignition working he drove the car… which was a big mistake because he had 2 year old gas in the tank at that point and the car ended up shutting off. I told him to drain the tank, replace the fuel filter and use some cleaning solutions to clear the lines. He did all that and filled it up with new gas. After starting the car it ran smooth until the thermostat opened and it would misfire and stall when you gave it any gas. If you tried to start the car after it stalled out it would misfire and not want to start, to the point that it sounded like a 2-step anti-lag system.

    A couple weeks after this started happening I came over and we started doing some basic maintenance and looking over the ignition system. We replaced his plugs with new NGK plugs as new wires. After replacing the plugs the car is still stalling out and sputtering when warm, but it also would stall if you jabbed the gas and let off when cold. The cold idle is PERFECT as long as you don’t jab the gas at this point, you can also restart the car after it stalls during a warm start.

    Today we decided to go to a wrecking yard and grab some parts. He had a radiator hose that would swell up when warm so we replaced that (Yes, we properly bled the coolant), we also got the radiator fan relay, some vacuum lines and 2 MAP sensors that were the same part number. After installing the new parts the car idles PERFECT when cold and you can jab on the gas even after the car was warmed up. We were feeling great and shut the car back off. What we found is now if the car is warm when you restart it the car is back to stalling when warm, but now it is ONLY during warm starts. It also has a misfire under warm starts.

    This issue seems so strange to me because adding new parts has fixed parts of the problem. New plugs and wires seemed to fix some ignition problem, but a new MAP seemed to help smooth the idle but during warm starts the old problem comes back.

    I should also mention the car will rev all the way to redline just fine as long as you don’t let off the gas very fast. Any sharp drops of the tach and it dies, but currently only after a warm start.

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    I just thought about this a bit.

    This seems similar to the symptoms you see when a main relay fails. Since my friend got his car stolen he pulls the relay whenever he parks the car and then plugs it back in when he gets back in.

    Would these symptoms make any sense for a bad main relay?


    All of the parts helped but the main issue was the distributor.

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