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Right Rear Power Window Does Not Operate

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    Greg KoochinGreg Koochin

      I have an 2006 Honda Civic DX Sedan. The right rear power window will not open or close, either with the driver’s master switch or at the local switch. I recently replaced the master switch, and the buttons literaly came off as I removed the old unit. The issue with the rear window predates the other window issues, but since replacing the master switch, the right rear window does not operate from the new master switch (or the door switch). If it had worked from the master switch, I would have tried replacing the door switch. I would appreciate any ideas or advise on what to check next. I am a new to working on my own car.

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      Nightflyr *Richard Kirshy

        First thing to check is the window motor getting power when commanded by either switch.
        If not’ll need a wiring diagram of the circuit to see if there is a control module handling the function and continue testing there.

        Jonathan GabrielJonathan Gabriel

          Might just be the window motor. I’ve experienced this issue, master switch doesnt work, local switch doesnt work. I didnt try to check the modules or voltage when activated, I just took the panel off and discovered the motor cable was choked and frayed. There laid the problem!

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