Roasting my brake disc

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    Mark RobinsonMark Robinson

      I did a complete brake job on my daughters Suzuki Aerio this past weekend, new pads and shoes, new drums and rotors. As I installed the last rotor and pads, it didn’t seem to fit properly. Thinking it just needed to be fully installed (plus being pretty tired at this point), I put the tire on and tightened all the lug nuts. Since it was still on jack stands, I started the car to check for binding (it’s all wheel drive). All but the right front wheel spun. I took it off the stands and took it for a test drive and there seemed to be no obvious binding – no pulling, no sound, again, nothing obvious. I decided to drive it to work (About 50 miles round trip). When I got home there was discoloration on the rotor and it was very hot. I won’t drive it again until I can get the wheel off and check everything again, but I’m looking for suggestions as to what I might have done wrong or what I can do to make it right.

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      Nightflyr *Richard Kirshy

        I assume the wheel that is over heating is the same one you stated did seem to fit properly.
        Seized caliper
        Binding brake pads
        Caliper hardware installed improperly
        Rust jacking ( did you clean the caliper brackets of rust prior to reassembly?)
        Sticking caliper slide pin(s)
        Faulty brake hose
        I would suggest redoing that wheels brake assembly and find out exactly why it didn’t fit together as it should.

        Mark RobinsonMark Robinson

          Yes. Since my wife will be driving this car and she does not go out much, I will be removing everything, checking all the components and then reassembling everything. I was able to fully compress (I thought) the caliper piston, and there didn’t seem to be any binding. I’ll check everything and, if necessary, get a new caliper ad install that. I just thought this was odd because disc brakes are usually fairly easy to do. The other side went fine. I had to ask in case there was something involved that I was unaware of. I figured it was wise to ask those that do this more often than I normally do.

          Nightflyr *Richard Kirshy

            Best of luck ..please keep us informed.

            Jeffrey VoightJeffrey Voight

              Richard covered everything to check. If there is nothing obvious found on your next inspection, it might be a good idea to just replace the brake hoses. They can at times be intermittent.

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