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    Hey. I have a 99 Acura TL with 172k miles on it. Did a Seafoam through the fuel tank about a year ago. Halfway through the tank, car would start stalling after start up unless I give it gas. Problem resolved itself after first fuel refill but later on, became intermittent. Main relay is new and genuine. Had coil pack replaced year ago, too. Spark plugs 12k miles old (~2 years).

    The car was sitting for two weeks inclined while I replaced powersteering hose lines (ugh) and also the resonator chamber. Started the car after two weeks. It spluttered. Learned its idle (RPM jumped after first start for two minutes). I also did its manual idle learn procedure after the car did its thing.

    Car didn’t drive nicely. Has rough idle unless I gave it gas. After a few start ups and miles, CEL came on with random misfire codes. When I open the hood to investigate, I notice I didn’t put on the radiator fan switch back when I was doing my repairs *face palm*. Car did not heat up, let alone overheat. Manual idle learning procedure calls for 3000 RPM until car reaches operating temperature or fan kicks on. Figured this was where I went wrong, so I disconnect battery and remove backup fuse to clear the codes and do the idle learn again. Now the car runs like a champ.. but only when at first start of the day (that’s when lots of fuel is thrown in, right?). After this, if I turn the car back on when it’s hot, idle then roughens up again, unless I give it high RPM. Feels like it wants to stall but doesn’t. I drive it and give it high RPM and things are okay again. If idle starts roughing up, I just make the RPMs go high and the car is back to normal.

    Timing belt/water pump done on time.

    I have a hunch, but not sure.. how do I know if my fuel lines are partially clogged? Where do I start?

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