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    dave foster
    dave foster

    Starting my first attempt at replacing an engine. The car is a 2009 Pontiac vibe 2.4 toyota engine. I almost have the old engine out and have bought a salvage yard engine. The donor car was a 2009 vibe that had rear end damage in an collision 115,000 miles. I have the engine home and trying to do some testing to make sure I want to put this engine in the car. So far it looks ok, rusty oil pan etc. however I’ve done a few leak down tests and I’m not real happy with the results.
    #1 25 % loss out exhaust valve
    #2 40% loss out of cyl #1 and some from exhaust valve
    #3 35 % loss out of exhaust valve
    #4 30% loss out of exhaust valve and cyl #2

    The engine has been out of the vehicle for a bit of time and dry. My first test was worse but got better after turning the engine over with air blowing through. I then added a little oil to each cylinder and turned it over a few times. that’s when I got the results above.

    Like I said this is my first engine swap and I didnt know what a leak down test was two weeks ago. when testing the cylinders are at TDC and I don’t think they are moving after the air is applied.
    I have a 30 day warranty on the engine. Ijust not 100% confident in my testing
    Any advise is appreciated thanks in advance

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    Nightflyr *
    Richard Kirshy

    Unfortunately, dealing with salvage yard engines is a tricky matter.
    You have no idea on its past maintenance.
    Seeing that your showing leakage on all cylinders exhaust, I would first confirm the engines mechanical timing is correct on both the crank and cam.
    Performing a leak down test is not difficult and you can find detailed videos on youtube.

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